Our Story

Serving you since 1942.

Wilfred “Bill” Haesemeyer purchased First National Bank along with A.M Seih in 1937 where Bill assumed role as the Bank President. In 1942, Bill purchased Central State Bank, which originated in 1901, bought out his partner and merged the two banks keeping the name Central State Bank. Bill was active in the business on a daily basis, serving as President and Director until his retirement and then continuing to serve on the Board of Directors until his passing in January of 1993.

Since that date in 1942, Central State Bank has been a Haesemeyer owned bank. Bill and his wife Hilda had two children, a daughter, Susan, and a son, Craig. All four family members served on the board of directors and were active in some part of the business decisions of the bank, creating a family legacy that still remains. Craig retained an active role with Central State Bank, was elected Chairman of the Board in 1976 and remained in that role and CEO until he passed away in 2012.

After Craig’s passing, his wife, Wendy Haesemeyer chose to honor the family’s legacy by keeping the bank local with local management. Wendy has taken an active role in the bank and is a member of the Board of Directors.

Family first has always been the philosophy of Central State Bank. It was most important for Bill to not just have employees, but to create a family culture within the Bank. That foundation still remains important within Central State Bank as Wendy Haesemeyer fully supports the family first atmosphere for employees. Core values not only inspire how we operate as a company, but they also reflect our employees’ character and influence on the communities we serve.

For over 80 years, Central State Bank has been growing and changing with the community embracing Bill and Craig’s vision. With new opportunities for growth, Central State Bank opened its first branch in the popular Somerset Village area in Ames, Iowa in May 2019. In May 2022, we opened our second branch in West Des Moines, Iowa. Well known for the personalized service the expansion brings continued focus on efficiency. A full array of financial services designed for individuals, family, and business needs include checking, savings, loans, certificate of deposits, online services and more.

The Bank’s growth is evident in its expansions and renovations. Central State Bank believes these positive changes to the bank, along with its continued commitment to core values that the bank was established upon, will continue to provide the type of customer experience Bill Haesemeyer envisioned over 80 years ago!  

Discover what Central State Bank can do for you.  Serving the communities you call home!