Personal Credit Cards

As one of the best local banks in Iowa, Central State Bank is proud to partner with Elan Credit Card Services. Now, getting a credit card through your bank has never been easier. Our simple credit card application process will take you just a few minutes to complete. You’ve already established a relationship with Central State Bank, so why not continue to partner with a trusted financial institution and continue enjoying unparalleled customer service?

Some of the benefits of obtaining your personal credit card through Central State Bank include:

  • Competitively low credit card interest rates: By partnering with an industry leader like Elan, we can be sure that your account will have among the lowest interest rates available based on your credit history. Whether for purchases or balance transfers, it is our mission to give you the best credit card rates possible today.

  • Flexible credit card rewards: Central State Bank’s partnership with Elan provides our customers with a selection of the best credit card rewards in the industry. Once approved for your card you will be able to select a rewards program that suits your lifestyle. From earning miles to cash-back rewards, there is something for everyone.

  • Maximum Cash Back: When spending money, it’s always nice to get some back. Earn cash back on everyday purchases such as gas or dining out, as well as on larger items such as appliances and loan payments. With an Elan cash-back card through Central State Bank, we make sure you get the most cash back on whatever you buy.
At Central State Bank, we offer so much more than checking accounts and savings accounts. We offer a broad range of banking services such as loan programs and credit services to meet whatever financial needs you may have. In addition to our personal credit cards, we also offer business credit cards with low-interest rates for entrepreneurs in our local communities. Central State Bank is also the leading central Iowa bank for home loans and auto loans. If you’re looking for the best bank in Iowa, look no further than Central State Bank!

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