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Transfer the Cents

Discover Central State Bank's Transfer the Cents program that will help you grow your savings automatically every day.

Two Great Options to Choose From:

Option 1: Round Up After Each Purchase

Every purchase you make, can now easily build your savings account!  Transfer your cents after every debit card purchase by rounding up to the nearest dollar.  Shop your way to savings now!!
Item: Price: Rounded Up: Transferred to Savings
Coffee $3.50 $4.00 $0.50
Gas $45.02 $46.00 $0.98
Movie $7.50 $8.00 $0.50

Total Transferred to Savings: $1.98

Option 2: Round Down at the End-of-Day Balance

Transfer your cents at the end of the day, rounding the remaining change down to the nearest dollar.  
Day Ending Balance Rounded Down To Transferred to Savings
Day 1 $950.75 $950.00 $0.75
Day 2 $892.23 $892.00 $0.23
Day 3 $888.41 $888.00 $0.41

Total Transferred to Savings: $1.39

How to Enroll:

It's quick and easy.  Follow these simple rules and watch your savings grow!

  1. You will need both a CSB checking and savings accounts.
  2. Get more information from a CSB team member at:
    1. State Center: 641-483-2505
    2. Ames: 515-445-1889
    3. West Des Moines: 515-644-3050
  3. Review and sign the Transfer the Cents enrollment form.
  4. Drop the enrollment form off at either CSB location.
    1. 109 West Main Street; State Center, IA 50247
    2. 2709 Northridge Parkway; Ames, IA 50010
    3. 140 S 68th Street Suite 1100; West Des Moines, IA 50266