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Personal Loans

As part of our commitment to being one of the best banks in Iowa, Central State Bank provides our customers with a wide variety of lending services to help them reach their unique goals in life. Our financing options and lending services offer the best interest rates and loan terms available today, combined with customer service that other Iowa banks cannot match. When you have a goal that needs financing, work with the local bank that cares about your goals. Work with Central State Bank to help you finance your dreams!

Personal loans are a versatile and flexible lending option and Central State Bank offers a variety of types of loans to help you find the best loan for your unique needs.

Refinance A Loan

If you have a high-interest loan or otherwise find your current loan terms unfavorable, loan refinancing can be a great way to lower your monthly loan payment or pay off debt faster.

Consolidate Your Debt

A personal loan can help you streamline your payments and lower your monthly expenses if you have multiple small loans with varying terms and interest rates. Many people use personal loans to pay off credit card balances. Our low-interest rate loans can help save you large amounts of money over carrying large credit card balances.

Personal loans are also a great way to consolidate and pay off medical debts, freeing you from the financial burden these bills can carry. Use our consolidation calculator to see how much you can save.

Purchase A New Or Used Car Or Truck

Under certain circumstances, personal vehicle loans are a great alternative to financing a purchase over a traditional auto loan. From purchasing older vehicles or only needing a small loan amount, speak with one of our professional bankers today to see if a personal auto loan is the best option for you.

Recreational Vehicle Financing

From buying a motorcycle to financing an RV motorhome, a personal RV loan from Central State Bank can help you realize your dream and fund your fun. One of our friendly lending officers can help you decide if financing a vehicle with a personal loan is a great option for you.

Financing A Mobile Home

When purchasing a manufactured or mobile home, many people find that traditional mortgages are not a viable option. However, the friendly loan advisors at Central State Bank can work with you to find a personal home loan option to help you purchase your next home.

Financing A Vacation

If you have always wanted to take your dream trip, a personal loan from Central State Bank is an easy way to get the vacation financing you need to go to the places you want. Talk to one of our lending professionals to see if a personal loan option will work for you!

At Central State Bank we offer so much more than your average personal savings accounts and checking accounts. Our helpful bankers and lending officers are here to provide you with flexible lending services and the best loan options to help you realize your goal. For personal loans, auto loans, mortgages, and more, contact us or stop into your nearest branch and see why so many people are choosing Central State Bank to finance their dreams.

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